Joaquin Alme | The Flying Squirrels
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The Flying Squirrels

Profesional work

Lighting Supervisor | Modeler Supervisor
3D animated TV series


The Flying Squirrels is 26 episodes Tv Show. It’s an adventures series ideal for kids between 9 to 12 years old created by Mago Production and produced by several spanish tv channels and Canal Plus France.


In The Flying Squirrels Tv Show I worked as lighting and modeler supervisor. As modeling supervisor, I supervised technically and artistically modeling props, sets and characters. So I worked very closely with the art department and rigging.
As lighting supervisor, I supervised all the shoots from the Tv Show. I also created the lighting sets for many scenes.


Director: Álex López and Vanvelvet

Art director: Carlos Gollán

Author: Muyi Neira

Production: Mago Production

Clients: TV3, Canal+ France, Rai Fiction


Maya | Mental Ray | After Effects

The Flying Squirrels Tv Show

The Flying Squirrels